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Important Dates (GMT +8:00)

  1. Abstract Deadline: 11 July 2012
  2. Abstract Acceptance Notification: 31 July 2012
  3. Full Paper Deadline: 30 September 2012
  4. Acceptance Notification: 30 September 2012
  5. Camera-ready Paper Deadline: 30 September 2012
  6. Early Bird Deadline: 30 September 2012
  7. Participant Registration Deadline: 30 September 2012



This invitation and call for papers are addressed to scholars, researchers, government regulators and corporations. You are invited to submit full paper at the Lifelong Learning International Conference 2012 (3LinC'12).


Full Paper Submission dateline is 30th September 2012



Lifelong Learning International Conference 2012

Theme : Past Experiences, Current Practices & Future Possibilities


The 3LInC’12 conference provides an opportunity to discuss issues of importance and relevance to advancing knowledge and democratising education. This conference is of interest to those involved in Continuing Education, Continuing Professional Development, Educational Programme Developers, Academicians, Researchers, Regulators, Policy Makers, Professional Associations and Learning Organisations from around the world. 3LInC’12 is unique in its diversity with a common theme focusing on Past Experiences, Current Practices and Future Possibilities. With ever-accelerating developments continuing to influence the changing educational landscape, 3LInC’12 is here to provide an avenue to exchange views and experiences, formulate strategies, forge academic fraternities, and, all in all, contribute positively towards democratising education for all.

It is pertinent to look back and reflect on the many changes that have taken place on professional development of human and social capital as well as education. At a time when national education systems are going through some of their most dramatic changes, a focus that seems to be universal is to keep teaching, learning and training of human capital as up-to-date and relevant as possible. Higher learning institutions are expected to adapt their own methodologies to reflect the new reality of a world characterised by technological advancements and globalisation, to make the necessary changes to keep up with the best practices available and to help deliver the best possible educational experience and training to all human beings.




3LInC ’12 aims:




Papers pertaining to a broad array of issues on Lifelong Learning are invited. These may include:


A. Past Experiences



B. Current Trends


C. Future Possibilities



Co-Organized by :


Princess of Naradhiwas University, Thailand
Universiti Utara Malaysia, Malaysia