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Call for Papers

Call for Papers

The conference lay focus on banking leadership opportunities and asset management best practices, thought leadership from leading strategy consultants, and panel sessions focused on SMEs and entrepreneurship, the impact of innovation in financial technology (“fintech”), sovereign sukuk, building the ecosystem to finance sustainable infrastructure, blackchain technology and its possible application in the Islamic finance ecosystem.

The papers to be presented in the conference will be selected through anonymous review process. Speakers will be selected from early submission as it requires and additional evaluation related to the author’s credentials.

The conference will cover but not limited to, the following subject areas to which the writers are invited to submit and send their papers:
•    Islamic Banking & Capital Market
•    Corporate Governance
•    Money Payment System & Financial Innovation
•    Takaful & Risk Management
•    Islamic Social Finance

•    All softcopy conference papers presented in the conference can be downloaded in the ICIFE website;
•    Plaque and Certificate for best papers according to the sub-themes; and
•    Plaque and Certificate for best book reviewer

Publication Opportunities
•    MSU and SAICCI will prepare brief report and concrete synthesis report on the outcomes of the conference that will be complied in a book of proceedings and will be made available to all the speakers;
•  Journal of Islamic Finance (Special Issue)

•  Turkish Journal of Islamic Economics (TUJISE)

•  Journal of Emerging Economies and Islamic Research (JEEIR)

•    The Language of the conference will be in ‘English’. A limited number of papers will be allowed to be presented in Arabic/Malay through an arrangement of translations.