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Important Dates (GMT +8:00)

  1. Abstract Deadline: 12 May 2020
  2. Full Paper Deadline: 15 June 2020
  3. Early Bird Deadline: 1 May 2020



This invitation and call for full paper are addressed to all participants. The abstract(s) & full paper should be submitted before the deadline.

Auckland International Conference on Social Sciences, Education, Entrepreneurship and Technology (AICSEET 2020) will be held on 6th-8th July 2020 at Stamford Plaza Hotel, Auckland, New Zealand. The AICSEET 2020 is organized by the New Zealand Global Academic Trust (NZGAT) in collaboration Global Academic Excellence (GAE). This conference is providing a platform for the intellectuals from various fields and disciplines in Social Sciences, Education, Entrepreneurship and Technology to debate and discuss the current issues worldwide as well as finding solutions to the problems, exchange and share their knowledge with others. This platform of multi-disciplinary conference allows participants an opportunity to share their school of thoughts and perspectives from different fields in great atmosphere of Auckland’s winter time.


Social Science

Area and Local Studies, Business Studies, Civics, Communication Studies, Criminology, Demography, Development Studies, Environmental Studies, Economics, Education, Geography, History, Industrial Relations, Information Science, Law, Library Science, Linguistics, Media Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Public Administration, Sociology, Social Work and Sustainable Development Goals


Application of Psychology in Teaching, Basic Educational Research, Computer and Multimedia in Education, Creativity in Management for Effective School, Development in Education, Educational Sociology, Evaluation in Education, Financial and Physical Management in Education, Higher Education, Human Resource, Leadership in Education, Legal Aspect in Educational Management, Lifelong Learning, Organizational Behaviour in Education, Pedagogical Theories and Practices, Philosophy and Education, Quality Management in Education, School Management and Supervision, Strategic Management in Education, Effective Teaching and Learning, Distance Education, Education, E-learning, Educational Management and Administration

Entrepreneurship, Business and Economics
Entrepreneurship, Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs), Human Resource Management, Innovation, International Business, Leadership, Management, Management Information System, Marketing, Operation Management, Organization Theory, Organizational Behaviour, Strategic Management, Supply Chain, Merger & Acquisitions, Economics, Banking and Finance. Halal Ecosystem and Halal Industry, Social-economic and Development Economics

Technology and Sustainable Development, Information System, Technology Management/ Policies, Information and Communications Technology, Educational Technologies/ Learning Technologies, Technology Relations/Trends, Sourcing, Technology Transfer/Licensing, Environmental and Green Technology, Science and Technology, Digital Media And Emerging Technologies/ Digital Technologies, Manufacturing Technology, E-Government, E-Business, Computer Software and Applications, Computing, Data Mining, Information Technology, Internet and WWW, Computer Information Systems, Analysis, Robotics and Automation. Information Systems and Information Technology, Big Data Frame and Analysis. Advanced Technology, and Industrial Technology 4.0




All accepted papers will be published in one of our refereed journals depending on the field of the research of the respective manuscripts as they are listed below. All journals are indexed by Malaysia Citation Centre (MCC). We will also inform the authors of selected papers that have the potential to be submitted for publication in ERA/ISI/Scopus indexed journals. The list of the ERA/ISI/Scopus indexed journals will be communicated to the authors of the selected papers accordingly.

1.      International Journal of Humanities, Philosophy and Language (IJHPL) SSN: 2600-8270www.ijhpl.com/ (MyJurnal/Crossref)

2.      International Journal of Law, Government and Communication (IJLGC) elSSN: 0128 -1763 – www.ijlgc.com/ (MyJurnal/Crossref)

3.      Journal of Tourism, Hospitality and Environment Management (JTHEM) elSSN: 0128-178X - www.jthem.com/ (MyJurnal/Crossref)

4.      Journal of Information System and Technology Management (JISTM) elSSN: 0128-1666 - www.jistm.com/ (MyJurnal/Crossref)

5.      International Journal of Education, Psychology and Counseling (IJEPC) elSSN: 0128-164X - www.ijepc.com/ (MyJurnal/Crossref)

6.      International Journal of Heritage, Art and Multimedia (IJHAM) elSSN: 2600-8262 - www.ijham.com/ (MyJurnal/Crossref)

7.      International Journal of Modern Trends in Social Sciences (IJMTSS) – elSSN: 2600-8777 - ijmtss.com/ (MyJurnal/Crossref)

8.      International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Management Practices (IJEMP) – elSSN: 2600-8750  - www.ijemp.com/ (MyJurnal/Crossref)

9.      International Journal of Politics, Public Policy and Social Works (IJPPSW) - eISSN: 2637-0980 – www.ijppsw.com (MyJurnal/Crossref)

10.    International Journal of Modern Education (IJMOE) – eISSN: 2637-0905 – www.ijmoe.com (MyJurnal/Crossref)

11.    International Journal Of Innovation and Industrial Revolution (IJIREV) – eISSN: 2637-0972 – www.ijirev.com (MyJurnal/Crossref)

12.    International Journal of Creative Industries (IJCREI) – eISSN:2637-0913 – www.ijcrei.com (MyJurnal/Crossref)

13.   Advanced International Journal of Banking, Accounting and Finance (AIJBAF) – e-ISSN: 2682-8537 -  www.aijbaf.com/ (Crossref)

14.   Advanced International Journal of Business, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (AIJBES) – e-ISSN: 2682-8545 - www.aijbes.com/ (Crossref)

15.   International Journal of Supply Chain, Operation Management and Logistics (IJSCOL) – e-ISSN: 2682-8685 - www.ijscol.com  (Crossref)

16.   International Research Journal of Shariah, Muamalat and Islam (IRJSMI) – e-ISSN: 2682-8553 - www.irjsmi.com/ (Crossref)

Steps for papers to be published in SCOPUS

1. Accepted paper for the conference

2. The paper is further recommended in the review for SCOPUS

3. The author is informed

4. Author pays additional amount as per required by respective SCOPUS's Journal.

5. The paper is sent to respective SCOPUS's Journal for publication

*Note: All publication is subject to correction from authors based on comment of reviewer/editorial board before the papers are published.


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The organiser would be very happy to assist in issuance the letter of notification upon the acceptance of the paper for presentation to support and facilitate participants to apply for e-visa of New Zealand upon request.

Registration and Submission

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b. Abstract and Full Paper Format - Strictly follow the template which can be downloaded at "Download menu"


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