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  1. Abstract Deadline: 24 September 2020
  2. Abstract Acceptance Notification: 24 September 2020
  3. Full Paper Deadline: 24 September 2020
  4. Camera-ready Paper Deadline: 29 September 2020
  5. Payment Deadline: 24 September 2020



This invitation and call for abstract/full paper are addressed to all participants. Submissions are online before the deadline.

International Conference of IBS, UUM

eISBN 978-967-2276-25-8

24 - 30 SEPTEMBER 2020

Institute of Shariah Governance and Islamic Finance (ISGaIF)
Islamic Business School (IBS),
College of Business (COB)
Universiti Utara Malaysia, Sintok, Malaysia


“Business and Wealth Wellbeing: Towards Attaining Maqasid As-Syariah”

1.0    Background

The previous Islamic Business Management Conference, IBMC2014 and IBMC2018 organised by Islamic Business School (IBS) Universiti Utara Malaysia were very successful. It was held in Putra World Trade Center (PWTC) and Intercontinental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in August 2014 and May 2018. The attendance of the conference was remarkably good, attracting numerous presenters and participants from all over the world, notably, Indonesia, Yemen, Thailand, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and United Kingdom. Among the main topics discussed in the conference were Islamic banking, Islamic finance, muamalat, Islamic management, Islamic business and Islamic economics. The attendees had benefited enormously from the lively discussion sections conducted during the conference, where ideas and suggestions were brainstormed. As decided by ISGaIF-IBS, the main organiser, this conference would be organised biannually.

2.0    Conference’s objectives

2.1    This conference is aimed to expand UUM’s role in international level as an eminent institutions.
2.2    It is also aimed at research organisations, universities, government agencies, policy-makers and corporate representatives from all over the world.
2.3    This conference can serve as a meeting point for scholars and stakeholders to interact and exchange ideas. It is also an opportunity for both the paper presenters and the participants to exchange ideas and disseminate new research findings to be used as guidelines in future policy-making.
2.4    It is also in the best interest of the organisers to further generate innovative thinking pertaining to rural development and to identify elements of a longer term research agenda to fill critical gaps in knowledge on these issues.
2.5    It is also aimed to enhance international cooperation between UUM and other international universities.
2.6    To expose participants to recent issues and information related to Islamic business management.

3.0    Expected Output:  Publication in Refereed Journal

Selected papers will be published in proceeding and Indexed journals from UUM and other suitable journals, among others (subject to approval from the editors):

i)    Journal of Islamic Accounting and Business research (Scopus indexed journal)
ii)    International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management (Scopus indexed journal)
iii)    Journal of Islamic Economics, Banking and Finance (Refereed journal)
iv)    IIUM Journal of Economics, Management and Accounting (Refereed journal)
v)    International Journal of Management Studies (Refereed journal)  
vi)    International Journal of Islamic Business (Refereed journal)


Theme - “Business and Wealth Wellbeing: Towards Attaining Maqasid As-Syariah”

4.1    Sub-theme
The main focus of this conference is research related to Islamic business management. Theoretical and empirical research papers are invited for submission to this conference in the following and related areas:

1.    Muamalat
2.    Fiqh Muamalat
3.    Islamic Business Ethics
4.    Islamic Marketing
5.    Islamic Corporate Governance and Organization
6.    Islamic Finance
7.    Islamic Banking
8.    Transactions in Islamic Finance and Banking
9.    Halal Industry
10.    Estate Management and Baitul Mal
11.    Wasiyyah
12.    Islamic  Economics
13.    Islamic Business Management
14.    Takaful and Re-Takaful
15.    Islamic Fund Management
16.    Laws related to Islamic Business
17.    Islamic Business Policies
18.    Waqf Management

4.3    Participant

The conference is open to academics, researchers and professional practitioners involved in research related to management issues in Muamalat, Islamic business and Islamic finance. Participation is also open to students of higher education institutions within and outside the country as well as all interested parties such as managers and consultants who use the results of a study presented during the conference. Approximately 150 participants will take part in the conference which will be organized. It is expected that more than 50 participants from Universiti Utara Malaysia will participate in this conference.

4.4    Paper Presentation
Language: English, Malay & Arabic


a. Registration and submission of Full Paper must be done electronically through the online submission system.

b. Abstract and Full Paper Format - Strictly follow the template which can be downloaded at "Download" menu.