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Important Dates (GMT +8:00)

  1. Abstract Deadline: 27 February 2021
  2. Full Paper Deadline: 27 February 2021
  3. Early Bird Deadline: 7 February 2021
  4. Participant Registration Deadline: 27 February 2021



This invitation and call for abstracts and full papers are addressed to all participants. Participants are encouraged to submit the abstracts and full papers before the deadline.


Special discount will be given for group registration (3 participants or more). Please contact Secretariat @ +60126635246 for further information.


In view of of some travel restrictions due to COVID-19 pandemic, participants have the option to participate as Presenter via pre-recorded video presentation of the paper. Please download the guideline from the website for more details.


Mobile: Secretariat@+60126635246

Email: icbmte@acinetworks.org

Welcome all delegates to ICBMTE2021. Organized by Academia Industry Networks, ICBMTE2021 aims to provide a platform for scholars, intellectuals and professionals to share and generate forum on the current local and global issues, address solutions to the problems and to provide opportunity for participants to exchange and share knowledge and information, establish business or research relationships and find global partners for future collaboration.

ICBMTE2021 welcomes all prospective participants/authors from multiple research disciplines are cordially invited to submit original and unpublished works for publication and presentation at the conference. All submissions are subjected to peer review before an acceptance decision is made. Our review committee will also select potential papers that have the merits for Scopus publication and inform the corresponding authors for further decision.

Special discount will be given for group registration (3 participants or more). Please contact the Secretariat for further information.


In view of COVID-19 pandemic and some travel restrictions especially to international delegates, presenters have the option to submit video presentation of the paper. Please submit to us your 10-15 minutes pre-recorded video presentation and slides. The video will be posted in our YouTube channel on the conference day. It saves time and money and more importantly, stay safe. Please download the Video Presentation Guidelines from the website.

All videos will be played back during the actual conference in front of the participants who attend the conference. The Secretariat will consolidate all questions raised during the conference and post them in the comment section of the video in our official YouTube channel. The URL to the video will be provided to all authors of the presentation videos. Authors are encouraged to check their video and respond to any questions posted in their respective video comment section.

Our conference is strictly face-to-face and no online or virtual conference facility is provided.


The topics involve various mutiple disciplines related (but not limited) to the themes and sub-themes as follow:






Accounting, Auditing, Banking, Corporate Culture, Customer Relationship, Entrepreneurship, Human Resources, E-Commerce, Economics, Enterprise Resource Planning, Finance, Management, Marketing, Mergers and Acquisitions



Technical and Vocational Study, Distance Education, E-learning, Higher Education, Interdisciplinary Studies, Islamic Studies, Lifelong Learning, Teaching and Learning



Architecture, Bioinformatics, Biomedical, Biotechnology, Data Analytics, Energy, Engineering, Nanotechnology, Polymers and Plastics, Renewable Energy, Robotics, Space, Environment and Aviation Technology, Transport, Energy Policy, Energy Development and Usage and Transport Technology



Performance Levels Management, Organizational Growth, Turnover and Profits, Market Share, Leadership; Employee Turnover, Employee Development and Training, Business Sustainability, Customer Service, Business Innovation, Business Technology, Customer Relationship, Products and Services, Stakeholders, Vision, Mission and Objectives


Social Science and Humanities

Anthropology, Arts, History, Cultural History, Humanities, Language, Literature, Local Government, Music, Philosophy, Politics, Psychology, Religious Studies, Social Sciences and Sociology



Artificial Intelligence, Computer software and applications, Computing, Data Mining, Information Technology, Internet and WWW, Networking, Robotics, Social Media, Systems Engineering, Computer Information Systems, Information Systems and Information Technology

Researchers from other disciplines are also encouraged to submit and present their manuscripts. 


•    Bahasa Malaysia
•    English
•    Bahasa Indonesia


All accepted papers will be published in conference proceeding book (with ISBN) and refereed journals within one (1) month and three (3) months respectively from the conference date. All journals are indexed by Malaysia Citation Centre (MCC). The review committee will also select papers that have the potential for publication in Scopus indexed journals.  The list of the Scopus indexed journals will be communicated to the authors of the selected papers accordingly. Additional fees will apply for papers published in Scopus indexed journals.

The list of our refereed journals is as follows:






International Journal of Education and Pedagogy (IJEAP)

ISSN: 2682-8464



International Journal of Business and Economy (IJBEC)

ISSN: 2682-8359



Advanced Journal of Accounting and Finance (AJAF)

ISSN; 2710-625X



International Journal of Social Science Research (IJSSR)

ISSN: 2710-6276



International Journal of Technology Management and Information System (IJTMIS)

ISSN: 2710-6268



International Journal of Engineering Advanced Research (IJEAR)

ISSN: 2710-7167



Journal of Social Science Advanced Research (JOSSAR)

ISSN: 2735-1874


Registration and Submission

a. Registration and submission of Full Paper must be done electronically through the online submission system.
•    Click on the "Registration" menu to create ConfBay Account and proceed for conference registration by logging in the system.
•    Click on "Online Submission" menu to submit your abstract(s) / full paper.

b. Abstract and Full Paper Format - Strictly follow the template which can be downloaded at "Download menu".

All communications related to this conference are via email. Please make sure that only valid email address is provided during the registration.

Please ensure to download the standard abstract and full paper template from the website for the submission of abstract/full paper. Submission of abstract/full paper MUST be in MS-Word and follow the template provided. PDF-format is NOT accepted.

Contact Us

Secretariat, Organizing Committee
Mobile   : +6012-6635246
Email    : icbmte@acinetworks.org




Academia Industry Networks (ACINET) organizes academic conferences as a forum and networking place for academicians, researchers, professionals, government leaders, policy makers, industry experts and advanced students to  discuss and share finding of researches from various fields of study. At ACINET, we aim to provide an exciting and challenging platform for participants to engage in healthy discussion and reflection of key issues that are shaping the world today.