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Important Dates (GMT +8:00)

  1. Abstract Deadline: 28 March 2024
  2. Full Paper Deadline: 28 March 2024
  3. Presentation Link Deadline: 28 March 2024
  4. Early Bird Deadline: 29 February 2024
  5. Payment Deadline: 28 March 2024


3rd International Conference on Business, Social Sciences, Economics and Technology 2024

The conference organiser cordially invites academics, practitioners, scholars, researchers, policy makers of any government to present their papers in the ICBSET2024.

It is our great pleasure to announce the 3nd International Conference on Business, Social Sciences, Economics and Technology 2023 (ICBSET2024) and we would like to invite you to participate in the event. The conference will be held on 30 March 2024 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The main objective of ICBSET2024 is to provide a platform for researchers, professionals, scholars and academicians to exchange and share their knowledge, information, new ideas and experience in person with their peers expected to join from different parts on the world. This gathering will help the delegates to establish research or business relations as well as to find international linkage for future collaborations in their career path. We hope that ICBSET2024 outcome will lead to significant contributions to the knowledge base in these up-to-date scientific fields in scope. In addition, this conference will also offer opportunities for academicians, researchers, engineers, economist, entrepreneurs, journalist and industry experts to meet and interact with local and international participants.


Now you can present your paper from the comfort of your home. Just send us your 10-15 minutes pre-recorded video presentation and slides. The video will be posted in our YouTube channel on the conference day. It saves time, money and more importantly, we stay safe. It's the New Norm!

To view presentation video from our previous conferences, kindly visit our YouTube Channel at https://www.youtube.com/c/GlobalAcademiaNetwork

Please visit our website https://globalacademianetwork.org for full list of upcoming conferences Series.



Topics of interests for submission include, but are not limited to:

Business: Economics, Accounting, Banking, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Marketing, Supply Chain, Logistics, Transportation, Tourism, Hospitality, Health Care, Human Resource, Government, Administration, Management, Law

Social Sciences: Art, Economics, Geography, Cultural History, History, Law, Linguistics, Politics, Psychology and Sociology, Anthropology, Business Studies, Environment Studies, Area Studies, Communication Studies, Development Studies, Demography, Civics, Information Sciences, Humanities, Music, Language, Religious Studies, Literature, Criminology, Linguistics, Sociology, Industry Relations, Social Work, Social Science, Public Administration

Economy: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Accounting, Banking, Business, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Public Economics and Regulation, International Business, Operation Management, Management Information System, Critical Management Studies, Transportation, Marketing, Organizational Behaviour, Logistics, Organization Theory, Supply Chain, Strategy Management, Human Resource Management, Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs), Leadership, Industrial Organization, Innovation, International Economics, Econometrics Theoretical and Applied Statistic, Tourism, Hospitality, Health Care, Human Resource, Government, Administration, Management and Empirical Economics

Technology: Information Technology, Information System, Robotics, Science and technology, Animation, Data Mining, Computer Information Systems, Computer Software and application, Computer Sciences, Multimedia, Communication, Internet, Social Media, Networking, IR 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, Computing, Systems Engineering, Environmental and Green Technology, Manufacturing Technology, Technology Management, Education Technology, Digital Technology, e-Business, Information and Communications Technology, Technology and Sustainable Development, E-Government, Technology Transfer


•    Best Paper Award
•    Best Presenter Award (Highest Views on YouTube)


•    English
•    Bahasa Malaysia


ALL ACCEPTED PAPERS will be published in conference e-proceeding (with ISBN/ISSN) and one of the below international refereed journal indexed in MYCITE (selected journals), MyJurnal, Google Scholar, Crossref (DOI), J-Gate and PKP Index.

  1. International Journal of Business and Technology Management (e-ISSN: 2682-7646) -http://myjms.mohe.gov.my/index.php/ijbtm (MYCITE)
  2. International Journal of Advanced Research in Engineering Innovation (e-ISSN: 2682-8499) - http://myjms.mohe.gov.my/index.php/ijarei
  3. International Journal of Advanced Research in Economics and Finance (e-ISSN: 2682-812X) - http://myjms.mohe.gov.my/index.php/ijaref (MYCITE)
  4. International Journal of Advanced Research in Education and Society (e-ISSN: 2682-8138) - http://myjms.mohe.gov.my/index.php/ijares (MYCITE)
  5. International Journal of Advanced Research in Islamic and Humanities (e-ISSN: 2682-8332) - http://myjms.mohe.gov.my/index.php/ijarih
  6. International Journal of Advanced Research in Technology and Innovation (e-ISSN: 2682-8324) - http://myjms.mohe.gov.my/index.php/ijarti
  7. Asian Journal of Research in Business and Management (e-ISSN: 2682-8510) - http://myjms.mohe.gov.my/index.php/ajrbm
  8. Asian Journal of Research in Education and Social Sciences (e-ISSN: 2682-8502) - http://myjms.mohe.gov.my/index.php/ajress (MYCITE)
  9. Asian Journal of Law and Governance (e-ISSN: 2710-5849) - http://myjms.mohe.gov.my/index.php/ajlg (MYCITE)
  10. Asian Journal of Behavioural Sciences (e-ISSN: 2710-5865) - http://myjms.mohe.gov.my/index.php/ajbs
  11. Asian Journal of Arts, Culture and Tourism  (e-ISSN: 2710-5830) - http://myjms.mohe.gov.my/index.php/ajact
  12. Asian Journal of Accounting and Finance (e-ISSB: 2710-5857) - http://myjms.mohe.gov.my/index.php/ajafin
  13. Asian Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences (e-ISSN: 2716-5957) - http://myjms.mohe.gov.my/index.php/ajfas
  14. Jurnal Dunia Pengurusan (e-ISSN: 2682-8251) - http://myjms.mohe.gov.my/index.php/jdpd (MYCITE)
  15. Jurnal Dunia Pendidikan (e-ISSN: 2682-826X) - http://myjms.mohe.gov.my/index.php/jdpg
  16. Jurnal Dunia Perniagaan (e-ISSN: 2710-5792) - http://myjms.mohe.gov.my/index.php/jdpn/
  17. Asian Journal of Entrepreneurship (e-ISSN: 2716-6635) - http://myjms.mohe.gov.my/index.php/aje
  18.  Other associate journals

•    Visit our website for more details on the journals: https://globalacademianetwork.org/publication/
•    Selected papers will be recommended for publication in SCOPUS indexed journals with additional fees

Registration and Submission

a. Registration and submission of Full Paper must be done electronically through the online submission system.
•    Click on the "Registration" menu to create ConfBay Account and proceed for conference registration by logging in the system.
•    Click on "Online Submission" menu to submit your abstract(s) / full paper.

b. Abstract and Full Paper Format - Strictly follow the template which can be downloaded at "Download menu"

Contact Person

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Telephone: +6013-3365573 (Dr. Suhaimi)
Email: icbset@globalacademianetwork.org
3rd Kuala Lumpur International Multidisciplinary conference on Social Sciences,
Innovation, Business and Economics 2024
Global Academia Network (RA0067078-T)
No. 9 Jalan Gapi 1D/18, Seksyen 1,
Kenanga Sejati, Antara Gapi,
48200 Serendah, Selangor

Website: https://globalacademianetwork.org/
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