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  1. Abstract Deadline: 4 June 2020
  2. Full Paper Deadline: 11 June 2020
  3. Early Bird Deadline: 8 July 2020
  4. Payment Deadline: 9 July 2020



This invitation and call for full paper are addressed to all participants. The abstract(s) & full paper should be submitting before the deadline.

2nd International Conference on Government, Islamic and Law 2020 (2nd ICGIL 2020) are organizing by Global Academic Excellence (GAE) will be held on 11-12 July 2020 at Bayview Beach Resort Penang, Malaysia. This conference is held under Penang International Multidisciplinary Conference 2020 (PIMC 2020), in which it covers others 7 conference as follows:
•    2nd International Conference on Humanities, Art and Philosophy 2020 (2nd ICHAP 2020)
•    2nd International Conference on Modern Business and Entrepreneurships 2020 (2nd ICMBE 2020)
•    2nd International Conference on Education, Language and Psychology 2020 (2nd ICELP 2020)
•    2nd International Conference on Technology, Information System and Multimedia 2020 (2nd ICTISM 2020)
•    2nd International Conference on Tourism and Environmental Management 2020 (ICTEM 2020)
•    International Research Conference on Applied Sciences 2020 (IRCAS 2020)
•    International Research Conference on Engineering and Construction 2020 (IRCEC 2020)


•    Law
•    Government
•    Islamic
•    Development

Law: Legal Method, The Malaysian Legal System, Islamic Law, Law of Contract
Malaysian Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Administrative Law, Land Law, Family Law, Company Law, International Law, Banking law, Conflict of laws, Employment law, Environmental law, Gender and law, Industrial relations law, Insurance law, Intellectual property law, International Human Rights and, Humanitarian law, Islamic criminal law, Islamic laws of evidence, Media law Remedies, Laws of Evidence, Criminal Procedure, Civil Procedure

Government: Accessibility and usability of e-government Web sites, Administrative reform through e-government, Assessment of e-government projects, Avoidance of technology pitfalls in e-government development, Building government-to-government enterprises, Digital government, E-government and digital divide, E-government databases, Evaluation of public sector information systems, Future directions of electronic government, Governance and electronic democracy, Identity management, data protection, and citizens  privacy, Implementing e-government systems in transition economics, Innovative applications and best practices in e-government, -agency information sharing in e-government and shared services, International integration/collaboration of e-government, IT management issues in e-government, Local e-government implementation and diffusion, Organizational and human factors influencing e-government adoption and diffusion, Strategic management of e-government
Technology adoption and diffusion in the public sector, Theories, conceptual models, and frameworks for public sector information systems, Transformation government

Islamic: Fundamentals of Islamic Jurisprudence, Islamic Jurisprudence, Islamic economy, Islamic management, Islamic law, Syariah law, Islamic and work ethics management, Islamic entrepreneurship, Islamic Psychology Management, Leadership and Da'wah, Aqedah and Philosophy, Issues in Islamic Economics, Issues in Islamic Social, Quran and Sunnah Studies, Usul al-Din & Comparative Religion

Development: Third World Development, Sociology of Development, Development Politics, Theories and Concepts in Development Management, Methods in Preparing Development Plans, Urbanization and Industrilization, Philosophy of Development, Regional Development, Legal Aspects in Development, Development Management and Governance, Development Policy Planning, Development and Entrepreneurship, Social Values and Ethics in Development


•    Bahasa Malaysia
•    English


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*Note: All publication is subject to correction from authors based on comment of reviewer/editorial board before the papers are published.


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