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International Conference on Law, Freedom and Religion 2020
Organized by
Minhaj University Lahore
24-25 October 2020

Call for Papers

Theme: Law, Freedom and Religion

24-25 October 2020

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Each religion in the world today presents a law or a path of action that is meant to lead to the full flowering of human life and relationship with the Divine, however this may be conceived. For instance, Islam claims to be a complete code of life. Similarly, the followers of Sanatan Dharm practice the dharm, which provides guidance for all aspects of life. Buddhists practice the 8-fold Noble Path. Jesus Christ came, not to destroy but to fulfill the law. Sikhism stresses the law of hospitality for all, men and women alike. Finally, although agnosticism and atheism find religious law unhelpful, their followers respect various forms of human or natural law.

The followers of all these religions claim to have found a law or a discipline to deal with the deep causes of destructive behavior such as greed and hatred. On the one hand, these religious laws have undoubtedly enabled certain individuals in each religious tradition to achieve the highest levels of human and spiritual maturity. On the other hand, for various historical, social and cultural reasons, some of these religious laws were obstacles to the full development of human freedom. Hence, it seems that religious laws need to be constantly reinterpreted and reformulated to preserve their quality as paths to the Divine.

This conference will explore the origin, development and purpose of the religious law or discipline considered essential in each religion of the world. The purpose of the conference is to discuss ways in which these religious laws have been re-interpreted and adapted to enhance human freedom. The conference will also discuss certain issues raised by secular society about the meaning and application of religious law.


1.    The origin and development of religious law
2.    The need and purpose of religious law today
3.    Modern circumstances require a fresh interpretation of religious law
4.    The contribution of religious law in a secular world
5.    Spirituality and obedience to religious law 
6.    Loyalty to the tradition yet flexibility with regard to the law
7.    Respect for religious law leads to social justice
8.    The lack of consideration for religious law in the modern world

After the due process of peer review, selected Conference Research Papers will be published in the South Asian Journal of Religion and Philosophy.

Three Best Paper Awards will be given to the three best papers.


Please ensure your submission meets the strict guidelines for accepting scholarly Papers. Submit your abstracts and full papers online.

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