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  1. Abstract Deadline: 16 December 2020
  2. Full Paper Deadline: 28 December 2020


International Conference and Muktamar on Prophetic Sunnah (ICMAS 2021)

28th and 29th January 2021

You are invited to submit ABSTRACT & FULL PAPER(S).


International Conference and Muktamar on 

Prophetic Sunnah (ICMAS 2021)

Organized by

Academy of Hadith KUIPSAS
in collaboration with
Faculty of Islamic Study KUIPSAS
Council of Islam and Malay Custom of Pahang (MUIP)

28th and 29th January 2021


The expansion of Islamic studies from a long ago until today seems to show a satisfactory achievement in every field of study including the study of Sunnah Nabawiah. Nevertheless, Islamic scholars are expected to strive harder in highlighting the importance of the study of Sunnah Nabawiah in developing the civilization of Muslim community. In relation to this, the understanding of the community with regards to concept of integrated knowledge nowadays needs be strengthened.

Integration of knowledge is among the mediums where researchers seek understanding of this phenomenon in a wider scope. This means that regardless of the situation in which the Muslim communities are, Islamic scholars are seen to always have the ability to explore and analyse every issue and problem based on a comprehensive and integrated view in line with Islamic principles which seek no separation between worldly knowledge and the knowledge of the hereafter or between the Fardhu Kifayah and Fardhu Ain. In other words, Hadith studies shall not be seen as separated to other Islamic studies.

The specialty of ICMAS 2021 is that ICMAS 2021 focuses on the concept of Integrated Knowledge. Research topics to be presented are not confined only within the boundary of Sunnah instead they are interconnected with numerous other fields of studies. In referring to the concept of the true Islamic knowledge, both the Qur'an and Hadith are the two main sources that act as the bases in conducting researches as well as developing other fields of sciences or knowledge in an effort to make this world which belongs to Allah prosper.

From another perspective, is facing the challenges of current trends of thinking and the advancement in technology which are moving forward constantly. Ideas and theories coming from this modernisation are spread fast and wide with the help of technology. Such ideas may dilute the community from their deen and as such the Hadith and Sunnah are now being challenged as a main source of Islam. This phenomenon would not make the scholars satisfied with their existing achievements and instead, work harder and smarter in proving that Islam is the best and that Islam is relevant for all times.

The main objective in organising ICMAS 2021 is to provide a scientific digital platform in discussing knowledge on the field of Prophetic Sunnah in an integrative and holistic manner.  ICMAS 2021 will also become a virtual platform for Islamic scholars to share their knowledge, solve issues and build a bond among presenters and participants. Moreover, our hope from this programme is to ensure that a positive impact can be achieved from the efforts of developing the civilization of the Muslim community through the scrutinization of high knowledge. All in all, this will later on create a strong impact among the participants as well as the Islamic scholars to do more with knowledge, have a deeper compassion for Rasulullah S.A.W and his fight for the Muslim community, and hence making them more sincere and enthusiastic in upholding the religion of Islam for the welfare of Muslim community in this world and the hereafter.

ICMAS 2021 is a program organized by Academy of Hadith KUIPSAS in collaboration with Faculty of Islamic Study KUIPSAS and Council of Islam and Malay Custom of Pahang (MUIP).


International Conference and Muktamar on Prophetic Sunnah (ICMAS 2021) is organised to discuss intellectually on issues pertaining to the study of Sunnah Nabawiah through an integrative and holistic approach. Besides, this conference also aims to inculcate the spirit for study among the participants and presenters despite the impediment caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

•    To become a platform for integrative and holistic academic discussions among participators and project paper presenters in relevance to the knowledge of Sunnah Nabawiah.
•    To glorify Sunnah as the main pillar of Islam as well as protecting them against misunderstandings, misinterpretations, and confusions
•    To accentuate on the role and the capability of Sunnah in developing human civilization and solving arising problems of current time
•    To inculcate spirit and passion for study and research in pursuit of knowledge globally and digitally among scholars despite the impediments due to COVID-19.


The conference will take place online with the presentation of two main paperwork by the invited guests and followed by presentations of participants from both inside and outside the country.


Call for papers (Abstract) on 16th December 2020
Full paper submissions, before 28th December 2020
Presentation: 28th and 29th January 2021


1.    Hadith and The Challenges In Sustaining Excellent Post COVID-19
2.    Muslim Scholars of the Hadith
3.    Hadith And Al-Quran Studies
4.    The Contributions of Sunni Scholars In The Study Of Hadith
5.    Hadith Studies In Pondok Education
6.    Hadith and Jawi Manuscript.
7.    Prophetic Sunnah and Human Development
8.    Prophetic Sunnah and The Enpowerment of Civilization
9.    Current  Issues On Hadith
10.    Hadith Studies In The Digital Era
11.    Development of Hadith Digital Reference
12.    Hadith and The Challenges of Liberalism
13.    The Prophet’s Personality and The Study On Seerah
14.    Hadith and Leadership Excellence
15.    Seerah of Prophet Muhammad and The State Administration Model
16.    Seerah of Prophet Muhammad and International Relations
17.    Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad and The Empowerment of The Young Generation
18.    Hadith and Fiqh Studies
19.    Hadith and Economic Strength
20.    Hadith and The Study On Knowledges


ALL ACCEPTED PAPER will be published in E- Proceeding, Jurnal al-Sirat,  Jurnal Akademia Baru, Journal of  Hadith Studies, USIM and Jurnal Hadis, KUIS.


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