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Important Dates (GMT +8:00)

  1. Abstract Deadline: 4 August 2024
  2. Abstract Acceptance Notification: 12 August 2024
  3. Full Paper Deadline: 15 September 2024
  4. Acceptance Notification: 25 September 2024
  5. Early Bird Deadline: 1 October 2024



We are inviting scholars from any universities around the world to present and share their thoughts with our scholars as well as participate in making their active role to form the sustainable world community.


So, we look forward to welcoming you at 7th International Conference on World Religions (7th ICWR-24) and value your contribution to the ongoing success of this event.


Please submit your abstract and full paper online.

7th International Conference on World Religions (7th ICWR-24):
26th - 27th October 2024

Organized by

The School of Religion & Philosophy
Minhaj University Lahore

Theme: Politics and Violence in the Name of Religion

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Call for Papers

This international conference will examine the factors that are responsible for violence in the name of religion. Examples of the way violent action is connected with religion and politics can be found in different countries of the world. Those who cause violence often claim to find the inspiration and the justification for their actions in the teachings of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism or Hinduism. But what precisely is the relationship, if any, between these religions and the violence perpetrated in their name? Violence in the name of religion is often based on a misinterpretation of texts from the holy books of either one of these world religions. This conference will investigate the various ways in which people make use of religion for their own political and social purposes even if this requires the use of violence.


Ø  An analysis of specific examples of the manipulation of religion for political ends

Ø  The reality of state and non-state terrorism in the name of religion

Ø  The search for ways to reduce violence in the name of religion against women, minorities and other groups or sects

Ø  The re-examination of some relevant texts in the Holy Books of all the religions that may have been misinterpreted to justify religious violence

Ø  Should violence in the name of religion be understood in terms of religious factors only or as a mixture of political, social, cultural and psychological factors as well?

Ø  Can the wounds caused by violence due to the misinterpretation of religious texts be addressed and healed?


Note: Selected Papers will be published in the South Asian Journal of Religion & Philosophy

Important Dates

1.  Abstract Deadline:             04th August, 2024
2.  Acceptance Notification:     12th August, 2024
3.  Full Paper Deadline:           15th September, 2024
4.  Acceptance Notification:     25th September, 2024
5.  Early Bird Deadline:           1st October, 2024
6.  Conference Date:              26th, 27th October, 2024

Registration Fees

1. Presenters from Abroad        (Early Bird) USD 200 ; (Normal) USD250
2. Local Presenter (Early Bird) PKR 4,000 ; (Normal) PKR 5,000
3. Non-presenter Participants (Early Bird) PKR 2,000 ; (Normal) PKR 3,000

Note: Group discounts available for non-presenter participants

Contact Us

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Website: www.mul.edu.pk
Email: conferences@mul.edu.pk

Mr. Qasim Ali Shah
+92 310 2284477

Mr. Asif Nazar
+92 305 6600899

Mr. Shahzaib Malick
+92 306 4734150


Please ensure your submission meets the 7th ICWR 2024 strict guidelines for accepting scholarly Papers. Submit your abstracts and full papers online.

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Minhaj University Lahore,
Punjab, Pakistan