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International ESG Conference from an Islamic Perspective (IECIP) 1.0

22nd August 2023

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International ESG Conference from an Islamic Perspective (IECIP) 1.0

Universiti Islam Pahang Sultan Ahmad Shah, Pahang, Malaysia 22nd August 2023

Organized by

Universiti Islam Pahang Sultan Ahmad Shah


This conference aims to merge Islamic principles with ESG and improve Islamic organizations' performance in the areas of the environment, social activities, and governance, in accordance with Maqasid al-Shariah. Being aware of these issues will also have positive long-term effects on society and the environment, while boosting their performance.


Contributions to the conference are categorized into three themes and guiding sub-themes:

Environmental concerns cover a wide range of issues such as
•    Business Climate Policy
•    Energy Consumption
•    Waste
•    Pollution
•    Natural Resource Conservation
•    Animal Care.

ESG factors are also used to evaluate a firm's environmental risks and how it handles them, including direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions, hazardous waste management, and environmental standards compliance.


When looking at a business's social dimensions, it's important to consider its connections with both internal and external stakeholders. This includes
•    Human Rights
•    Human Capital Development
•    Health and Safety
•    Corporate Social Responsibility
•    Supply Chain
•    Education
•    Labour Management
•    Economy and Finance


ESG governance principles require organization to use transparent accounting practices, prioritize integrity and diversity in leadership selection, and be accountable to shareholders. It is including:
•    Corporate Governance
•    Risk Management
•    Business Ethics
•    Corruption and Instability
•    Audit Practice and Quality
•    Accounting and Finance


All papers will be published in conference proceeding.


Registration and submission of full paper must be done electronically through the ConfBay online submission system.


International ESG Conference from an Islamic Perspective (IECIP)
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