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The International Innovation Festival 2024 (INNOFEST’24) is a first-ever competition that will be held virtually from April 29 - 30, 2024 in POLITEKNIK SANDAKAN SABAH. The aim of this program is to provide a platform for innovators/researchers from around the world to present the results and findings of their innovations. In addition, it also provides an opportunity for innovators/researchers to publish their paper. Kindly note that papers meeting the quality criteria for publication will be included in the e-proceedings. Selected papers will be recommended for potential publication in International Journal of Technical Vocational and Engineering Technology [iJTVET] with a publication fee of RM50.

With the official theme "Innovation: Challenging Limits, Unlocking Possibilities", it is our deepest hope that INNOFEST'24 may attract participation from all levels from within and outside the country.


Category 1: Agrotechnology / Aquaculture / Fisheries / Green Technology / Food Technology
Category 2:
Teaching & Learning
Category 3:
Engineering (Civil/Electrical/Mechanical/ICT)
Category 4:
Non-Engineering (Social Science/Commerce/Hospitality)



Malaysian (RM)

International (USD)


Polytechnic & Community College Students / Lecturers




Non - Polytechnic & Community College Students / Lecturers




International Participant




Secondary Students



Please remit your payment into the following bank account:

Bank Name: MAYBANK
Bank Account Name: Malaysian Technical Doctorate Association (Persatuan Kedoktoran Teknikal Malaysia)
Bank Account No: 5699 7206 4781
Ref 1: INNOFEST 2024
Ref 2: Group Leader Name
Swift code Maybank: MBBEMYKL


  1. Registration (Abstract submission) 31st January 2024
  2. Submission Deadline (E-poster, video, and full paper) 31st January 2024
  3. Payment Deadline 1st February 2024
  4. Finalist Online Pitching Session 29th April 2024
  5. Closing ceremony 30th April 2024


  1. The Competition is OPEN to all interested lecturers and students of Public and Private Higher Education Institutions, including students at secondary schools nationwide.
  2. The maximum number of group members with the Group Leader/ Supervisor is FIVE (5). The information stated in the certificate will follow the original spelling and the sequence during online registration. Any amendments to the details are not allowed.
  3. Only entries that are complete and have made full payment before or on 1st February 2024 will be accepted to participate in the competition.
  4. Organizers will not accept any responsibility for entries that are lost, late, incomplete, or have not been transmitted due to computer error or any other error beyond the organizer’s reasonable control.
  5. Please be advised that NO REFUNDS will be given if any participants withdraw from the competition.
  6. Decisions of panels are FINAL. Any complaints will not be entertained.


1.    An innovation project must be an original idea of creation. Any form of plagiarism is prohibited and will result in  disqualification. However, participants may adapt to improve the existing ideas if those aspects of improvements are the key factors in producing a creative masterpiece.
2.    Projects that have won any innovation awards are NOT ELIGIBLE to compete in this competition UNLESS THERE ARE EVIDENCE OF IMPROVEMENTS OR MODIFICATIONS INCLUDED.
3. Each entry MUST submit ONE (1) abstract, ONE (1) e-poster, and ONE (1) short video. Submitting ONE (1) full paper is OPTIONAL.

a)   Abstract Format

i.    Please use the template provided and submit in .docx format as per the attachment.
ii.   Abstract writing can be in English or Bahasa Malaysia.
iii.   Innovation Title: Upper Case, Bold, Font 12 and Times New Roman.
iv.   Name of The Author and Institution: Capitalize Each Word, Font 12 and Times New Roman.
v.    Number of Words:

•    The number of words is 250 – 300.
•    Font: 10; Single spacing; Times New Roman

b)   E-poster Format

i.      Each participation MUST submit ONE (1) poster.
ii.     The poster must be of A3 size and in the PDF format.
iii.    The Innovation Poster must include the following mandatory sections:

•    Project Description
•    Objectives
•    Impact
•    Novelty
•    Diagram/Picture of Product
•    Potential of Commercialization

iv.    The background design of the poster is based on the template given.

c)  Video Format

i.    Each entry MUST submit ONE (1) video related to the innovation product/ project.
ii.   The maximum duration of the short video is FIVE (5) minutes.
iii.   The video quality must be HD or FULL HD format only. Upload your video to YouTube channel. Please ensure that you set the  permission to public or unlisted.
iv.    Only the YouTube link will be submitted in the Innovation Video Submission Form.
v.    The innovation videos can be produced in English or Malay (with English subtitles).
vi.    The video presentation is based on the creativity of participants.

d) Full Paper Format

i. Full paper submission is OPTIONAL.

ii. The full paper can be written in English or Bahasa Malaysia, but participants are required to write their papers in English in order to be selected as one of the TOP 10 BEST PAPERS and published in the International Journal of Technical Vocational and Engineering Technology (iJTVET).  Non-selected paper will be published in the Innofest e-proceeding.

iii. Please use the template provided and submit in .docx format as per the attachment.


1.    Evaluation and innovation competitions awards based on the following judging criteria:

i.    Commercialization potential
ii.    Completeness / Readiness of the product
iii.    Novelty
iv.    Contribution to the society /Impact
v.    Video presentation

2.    The assessment will be made by TWO (2) judging panel.  The judges’ decision shall remain FINAL, and no appeals will be entertained.
3.    The organizer will not be responsible for any claim related to the production against the participant by any related party.


1.    All participants will receive an e-Certificate and ONE complimentary Medal for Gold, Silver, and Bronze.
2.    Purchase of additional medals will be opened once the result has been announced. The price of the medal is RM 50.
3.    The scores achieved within a specified range would play an important factor in deciding the winners of GOLD, SILVER, and BRONZE achievement certificates.
4.    There will be THREE overall winners in each category:

• First Place: Cash prize RM 500.00 + Certificate of Achievement + Plaque (1 per group)
• Second Place: Cash prize RM 300.00 + Certificate of Achievement + Plaque (1 per group)
• Third Place: Cash prize RM 100.00 + Certificate of Achievement + Plaque (1 per group)

5.    BEST INNOVATION and YOUNG INNOVATOR awards will be given to the best overall project:

• Best Innovation Award: Cash prize RM 500.00 + Certificate of Achievement + Plaque (1 per group)
• Young Innovator Award: Cash prize RM 500.00 + Certificate of Achievement + Plaque (1 per group)


a. Registration and submission of Innovation Product must be done online through this submission system.
    Click on the "Registration" menu to create ConfBay Account and proceed for registration by logging in the system.
    Click on "Submission" menu for submission.

b. Strictly follow the format of submission document from the website at 

Main Organizer



Contact us

++60 13-483 8480

Any Enquiries : innofestpss@pss.edu.my

Group Telegram : https://t.me/+RrnvRItFFTxiYWQ1


1.      The competition is OPEN to all education institution and government/ private agencies that are interested.

2.      Participants can choose any competition class from the SEVEN (7) competition classes that has been set, however only subjected to ONE (1) competition class for each innovation product/ project.

3.      The RIGHT class selection will help participants to achieve the best marks in the competition.

4.      Teams are limited to no more than FIVE (5) group members including the Group Leader/ Supervisor.

5.      Entries must include a completed entry form and a payment slip as proof.

6.      Group members are regarded according to the name(s) listed in the entry form and any amendments are not allowed.

7.      The usage of English and Bahasa Malaysia are allowed for posters and videos.

8.      No refunds will be issued if participants wish to withdraw from the competition.

9.      Decisions of panels are FINAL. Any complaints will not be entertained.