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International Virtual Expo of Innovation Product and System Design 2023 (INVIDE 2023)

5 March 2023 – 15 May 2023

 Website: https://invide.unimap.edu.my/

“Embracing The Spirit of Innovation and Technology”

International Virtual Expo of Innovation Product and System Design 2023 (INVIDE 2023) is an innovation competition, in which, innovation products and systems related to various science and technological fields are exhibited as a solution for the presented problems. The expo was held for the first time as a national level exhibition in 2020, received a total of 220 participations from various schools, Institute of Higher Learning (IHL) and open inventors, and in year 2021 with total participations of 376 innovation products. The aim of the expo is to give fresh exposure to the various level of inventors, as well as to encourage the culture of innovation design focused on latest technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) and technologies- related inventions, in line with the theme of the expo. It is hoped that the expo will be able to open the mind of the participants towards latest technologies and design.  

The expo involves the innovation products in line with the theme “Embracing The Spirit of Innovation and Technology” related, but not limited to:
•    Theme 1 – Electrical, Electronics, Mechatronics & IoT Innovation
•    Theme 2 – Mechanical, Machinery, Product Design & Manufacturing Innovation
•    Theme 3 – Biotechnology, Wellbeing, Pharmaceutical & Health Innovation
•    Theme 4 – Food, Chemical, Advanced Material & Composite Innovation
•    Theme 5 – Agricultural, Environment, Rural & Space Innovation
•    Theme 6 – Social Science, Business, Creative Design, New Norm & Teaching Innovation

Participation Conditions

1.     The participation is opened to primary, secondary, pre- university, IHL and open inventors from any countries, except Israel and Republic of North Korea.

2.     No age limits for the inventors to participate in the expo, but it is the principal inventor’s responsibility to register under the appropriate categories to be evaluated accordingly. If the declaration of information is found not true, the product will be eliminated immediately, and no appeal request will be entertained. 

     3.     Maximum participation in a team according to the categories (for certification purpose):
             a)  Young Inventor – Maximum 7 participants (inventors and mentors)
             b)  Junior Inventor – Maximum 7 participants (inventors and mentors)
             c)   Professional Inventor – Maximum 7 participants (inventors)

4.     No age limit for the innovation exhibited, but the innovation will go through detailed evaluation phase to ensure it is relevant to the latest development and in line with the theme of the expo.

5.     The idea for the product/ innovation output must be novel and from the original idea of the participation teammates, and not plagiarized/ copied from any products or innovation outputs do not belong to the participation teammates.  

6.     Plagiarism is strictly prohibited, and if detected, the participation will be cancelled automatically. 

7.     By registering and paying the participation fee (during registration process), the participants are agreeing to all the participation conditions mentioned above.

Important Dates (GMT +8:00)

1.    Registration & Submission Due Date: 15 May 2023
2.    Jury Evaluation Due Date: 7 June 2023
3.    Result Announcing Date: 15 June 2023

Main Organizer



1.      The competition is OPEN to all education institution and government/ private agencies that are interested.

2.      Participants can choose any competition class from the SEVEN (7) competition classes that has been set, however only subjected to ONE (1) competition class for each innovation product/ project.

3.      The RIGHT class selection will help participants to achieve the best marks in the competition.

4.      Teams are limited to no more than FIVE (5) group members including the Group Leader/ Supervisor.

5.      Entries must include a completed entry form and a payment slip as proof.

6.      Group members are regarded according to the name(s) listed in the entry form and any amendments are not allowed.

7.      The usage of English and Bahasa Malaysia are allowed for posters and videos.

8.      No refunds will be issued if participants wish to withdraw from the competition.

9.      Decisions of panels are FINAL. Any complaints will not be entertained.