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Submission System for

International Research & Innovation Conferences (i-RIC2024)
(Product Innovation)

24 to 25 July 2024
(Online Competition)


a. Registration and submission of Innovation Product must be done online through this submission system.
    Click on the "Registration" menu to create ConfBay Account and proceed for registration by logging in the system.
    Click on "Submission" menu for submission.

b. Strictly follow the format of submission document from the website at  http://iric.polinilai.edu.my


1.      The competition is OPEN to all education institution and government/ private agencies that are interested.

2.      Participants can choose any competition class from the SEVEN (7) competition classes that has been set, however only subjected to ONE (1) competition class for each innovation product/ project.

3.      The RIGHT class selection will help participants to achieve the best marks in the competition.

4.      Teams are limited to no more than FIVE (5) group members including the Group Leader/ Supervisor.

5.      Entries must include a completed entry form and a payment slip as proof.

6.      Group members are regarded according to the name(s) listed in the entry form and any amendments are not allowed.

7.      The usage of English and Bahasa Malaysia are allowed for posters and videos.

8.      No refunds will be issued if participants wish to withdraw from the competition.

9.      Decisions of panels are FINAL. Any complaints will not be entertained.