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  1. Abstract Deadline: 3 November 2019
  2. Abstract Acceptance Notification: 3 November 2019
  3. Full Paper Deadline: 3 November 2019
  4. Acceptance Notification: 3 November 2019
  5. Camera-ready Paper Deadline: 11 November 2019
  6. Early Bird Deadline: 7 November 2019
  7. Participant Registration Deadline: 10 November 2019
  8. Payment Deadline: 10 November 2019


International Conference on Islamic Law, Economics and Finance

(Seminar Antarabangsa Perundangan, Ekonomi dan Kewangan Islam)

(SPEKI 2019)

11-12 November 2019
Lotus Desaru Beach Resort & Spa, Johor Darul Ta’zim, Malaysia

You are invited to submit abstract(s).

International Conference on Islamic Law, Economics and Finance

(Seminar Antarabangsa Perundangan, Ekonomi dan Kewangan Islam)

(SPEKI 2019)

11-12 November 2019

Lotus Desaru Beach Resort & Spa, Johor Darul Ta’zim, Malaysia


This seminar is the first collaboration of Department of Muamalat, Kolej Pengajian Islam Johor (MARSAH), Faculty of Islamic Studies and Kluster Ekonomi & Kewangan Islam (EKONIS), Pusat Pembangunan Inklusif dan Lestari, Fakulti Ekonomi dan Pengurusan (FEP) Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). This seminar is intended to gather the academicians, practitioners, economist, researchers and anyone who are interested in the field of legal, Islamic economics and Islamic finance.

Objectives of SPEKI 2019 are as follows:
•    Discussing and strengthening the concepts, theories and principles of legal, muamalat, economics and Islamic finance.
•    Discussing the current issue related to legal, muamalat, economics and Islamic finance
•    Identifying the fiqh mechanism in deriving rulings in legal, muamalat, economics and Islamic finance
•    Engaging in the potential of innovation in the development of legal issues, muamalat, Islamic economics and finance in the era of globalization
•    Recommending and establishing policies and framework in the area of legal, muamalat, economics and Islamic finance

Keynote Speaker:

Prof. Dr. Ashraf Md. Hashim

Prof. Dr. Ashraf Md. Hashim holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic Law University from University of Birmingham, United Kingdom, Masters in Fiqh and Usul Fiqh from University of Jordan, Jordan and Bachelor in Shariah Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia. He is also a holder of Postgraduate Diploma in Shariah Law and Practice from International Islamic University Malaysia.

He is currently the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ISRA Consultancy Sdn. Bhd., an Islamic finance consultancy firm. He is a Senior Researcher at ISRA and also a Professor at the International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance (INCEIF).

He is appointed as Chairman for Panel of Experts in Muamalat Matters under the Islamic Development Division, Prime Minister Department Malaysia and Shari’ah Committee of Bursa Malaysia and also serves as Deputy Chairman for Shariah Advisory Council of Bank Negara Malaysia. He is a member of Shari’ah Committee for International Islamic Liquidity Management Cooperation, National Fatwa Council of Malaysia, Shari’ah Committee for TH, and Association of Islamic Banking Malaysia. He is actively involved in many consultations works related to Islamic Finance in Malaysia and abroad, like Islamic Bank of Australia and Noor Takaful Nigeria to name a few. He is also advising a few REIT companies particularly in Singapore.


The Dynamics of Contemporary Shariah Implementation
“Muruunah Tahthbiiqat al-Muaasaroh lil Shariah al-Islamiyyah”

Papers in all areas relating to the theme are welcomed. Specific topics of interest relate to but not limited to:
•    Fiqh and Usul Fiqh
•    Maqasid & Siasah Syar’iyyah
•    Islamic Banking & Takaful
•    Contemporary Islamic Finance
•    Philanthropy Economics
•    Laws and Islamic laws
•    Halal industry and services
•    Science, technology, vaccines and Halal products


•    All accepted papers in the conference will be included in the conference e-proceeding.
•    The selected papers will be published in the these journals:

a) Islamiyyat: The International Journal of Islamic Studies (http://ejournal.ukm.my/islamiyyat/index) and
b) Journal of Contemporary Islamic Law (http://www.ukm.my/jcil/). 

Additional cost of publication in the journals will be borne by the author(s).

Best Paper Award:

Three papers will be selected as Best Paper Awards in the closing ceremony.


All travelling and accommodation expenses will be borne by presenters and participants. Presenters and participants are to arrange for their own accommodation. Presenters and participants are encouraged to stay at the nearby accommodation, where the seminar is scheduled or any of the hotels located near the seminar venue.

Format Abstract / Full Paper Template

•    Paper work can be submitted in English, Bahasa Melayu and Arabic.
•    Abstract must not exceed 300 words

The format as follows:
•    APA Style (citation and references)
•    Paper work in English and Bahasa Melayu must use font Times New Roman 12, single-spacing and not exceed 16 pages including tables, figures and references.
•    The format and paper template must follow the sample provided in the SPEKI 2019 official website (www.speki2019.marsah.edu.my)

Registration and submission

Registration and submission of full paper must be done electronically through the online submission system.

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