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Important Dates (GMT +8:00)

  1. Full Paper Deadline: 28 February 2021
  2. Acceptance Notification: 10 March 2021
  3. Camera-ready Paper Deadline: 25 March 2021
  4. Participant Registration Deadline: 15 January 2021
  5. Payment Deadline: 25 March 2021



The 2nd International Conference on Technology, Engineering and Sciences (ICTES) 2021 

The 2nd International Conference on Thermal Sciences and Fluid Flow (ICTSFF) 2021


This invitation and call for papers are addressed to scholars, researchers, government regulators and corporations. You are invited to submit full paper online now.

The 2nd International Conference on Technology, Engineering and Sciences (ICTES) 2021
The 2nd International Conference on Thermal Sciences and Fluid Flow (ICTSFF) 2021

Favehotel Cenang Beach Langkawi, Malaysia

3-4 April 2021


The 2nd International Conference on Technology, Engineering and Sciences (ICTES) 2021 & The 2nd International Conference on Thermal Sciences and Fluid Flow (ICTSFF) 2021 is organised by MN Smart Solution in collaboration Kolej Universiti Islam Pahang Sultan Ahmad Shah and Akademia Baru Publishing. It will be held on 3th-4th February 2021 in Langkawi, Malaysia. This conference provides lots of networking opportunities to scholars, professors and practitioners for corporate and development sectors. The scope of this conference is broad and covers many aspects of international technology perspectives. This conference aims to provide scholarly platform to participants to share their valuable knowledge and current information with others. This platforms cover all tracks of technology and engineering filed such as computing, information science, electrical and electronic, mechanical and mechatronic, civil and environment, chemistry, computer science and etc.

1. International Conference on Technology, Engineering and Sciences (ICTES) 2021
(covers all engineering fields):

Mechanical and Materials Engineering
•    Fracture Mechanics and Fatigue
•    Machinery Dynamics
•    Concurrent Engineering
•    Finite element analysis
•    Noise and Vibration analysis
•    Analytical and computational modelling
•    Structural mechanics
•    Behaviour and application of advanced materials
•    Impact mechanics and thermodynamics
•    Robotics Structures and Applications
•    Robot sensors and actuators

Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering

•    Intelligent Systems and Approach
•    Motor drives and motion control
•    Analysis and design of electrical machines
•    Generation Systems
•    Maintenance and Operation
•    Distribution System Planning and Reliability
•    Flexible AC Transmission Systems
•    Micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS)
•    Power System & Energy Engineering
•    Power System Protection, Operation and Control
•    Transmission & Distribution System and Apparatus
•    Power System Stability
•    Fuzzy and Neural Control
•    Mechatronics
•    Manufacturing Control Systems and Applications
•    Process Control Systems
•    Robotics and Automation
•    Soft switching converters
•    Hard-switching and soft-switching static converters
•    Multilevel converters
•    Algorithm Design and Analysis
•    Information system and Computer aided Education
•    Cognitive Science
•    Computational Complexity Theory
•    Computational Linguistics and Neuroscience
•    Computer Animation
•    Numerical Analysis
•    Operating Systems
•    Programming Paradigms
•    Quantum Computing Theory
•    Requirements Analysis
•    Scientific Computing
•    Database Management Systems
•    Evolutionary Computation

Civil and Environmental Engineering
•    Civil and Environmental Engineering
•    Analysis of Semi-rigid Connections
•    Applied Computer Vision for Civil and Environmental Engineering
•    Augmented and Virtual Reality
•    Buckling and Stability
•    Building Design, Construction, and Operation
•    Civil Engineering, Management and Surveying
•    Computer Controlled Site Instrumentation
•    Construction Automation and Robotics
•    Construction Engineering and Management
•    Dam Engineering
•    Disaster Preparedness, Response and Recovery
•    Distributed Computing in Engineering

Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

•    Food / Pharmaceutical engineering and manufacturing
•    Biotechnology / Bioprocess
•    Enzyme technology / Industrial Biochemistry
•    Petrochemical Processing
•    Separation and Purification Processes
•    Related chemical and Biochemical engineering issues
•    Catalytic Materials & Mechanisms
•    Catalysis for Chemical Synthesis
•    Catalysis and Energy
•    Petrochemistry
•    Catalysis in oil and gas
•    Nanocatalysis
•    Material Sciences
•    Electrocatalysis
•    Environmental Catalysis

ICTES 2021 Publication:

The ICTES 2021 proceedings will be published in a SCOPUS-indexed publication.

2. International Conference on Thermal Sciences and Fluid Flow (ICTSFF) 2021:

•    Engineering flows    
•    Drops and bubbles
•    Computational heat transfer
•    Biological flows    
•    Electrohydrodynamics    
•    Condensation
•    Compressible flows
•    Geophysical flows     
•    Heat transfer in combustion and engines
•    Magnetohydrodynamics
•    Microscale flows    
•    Heat exchangers
•    Multiphase flows
•    Particle -laden flows    
•    Environmental Heat Transfer
•    Reactive flows
•    Rotating flows Gas turbines
•    Superfluids
•    Turbulence    
•    Heat pipes
•    Single phase heat transfer    
•    Boiling and evaporation    
•    Nanofluids
•    Analytical solution of conservation equations
•    Biofuels
•    Blood flow research
•    Boiling and condensation
•    Boundary layer theory and applications
•    CFD
•    Combustion
•    Compressible and incompressible flows
•    Conduction, convection, and radiation heat transfer
•    Conservation laws
•    Drying
•    Electronic cooling
•    Energy optimization
•    Experimental fluid dynamics
•    Flow and heat transfer in microchannels
•    Flow circulation
•    Fluid flow
•    Fluid flow, heat and mass transfer equipment
•    Fluid properties
•    Fuel cells
•    Gas liquid operations
•    Heat transfer
•    Heat transfer augmentation and porous media
•    Heat transfer augmentation applications
•    Heat transfer enhancement active methods
•    Heat transfer experimental methods
•    Heat transfer enhancement passive methods
•    HVAC
•    Industrial fluid flow, heat and mass transfer
•    Laminar and turbulent flows
•    Leaching
•    Liquid operations
•    Magnetohydrodynamics
•    Mass transfer coefficient
•    Mass transfer with or without reaction
•    Measurement techniques
•    Mechanisms of heat transfer enhancement
•    Modelling
•    Molecular diffusion
•    Nanofluid flow
•    Nanotechnology and transport phenomena
•    Non-Newtonian flow
•    Optimization of heat transfer systems
•    Piping
•    Polymer processing
•    Power plants
•    Recent progress on transport phenomena
•    Renewable energy
•    Rheology
•    Separation processes
•    Single phase flow heat transfer
•    Solid fluid operations
•    Steady and unsteady flows
•    Thermodynamics
•    Transport phenomena in porous media
•    Two and multiphase flow and heat transfer
•    Viscous flows

ICTSFF 2021 Publication:

The ICTSFF 2021 articles will be published in one of the following Akademia Baru Publishing’s journals, depending on the scope of the papers. The Akademia Baru Publishing (M) Sdn Bhd is an independent scholarly press specialises in publishing academic reports. The journals are indexed in SCOPUS. All accepted and paid papers will be submitted to the journal's editor for publication.

1.    Journal of Advanced Research in Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Sciences (Q3)


2.    CFD LETTERS (Q4)


**The presented papers in ICTSFF 2020 have been successfully published in the Journal of Physics: Conference Series through the link below:


Important Dates:

Call for Papers, on: 1st September 2020
Full Paper Submissions, before: 28th February 2021
Notification of Acceptances, by: 10th March 2021
Camera-Ready Submissions, before: 25th March 2021
Payments and Registrations, before: 25th March 2021
Conference Dates, on: 3th-4th April 2021

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