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Important Dates (GMT +8:00)

  1. Abstract Deadline: 4 December 2023
  2. Abstract Acceptance Notification: 4 December 2023
  3. Full Paper Deadline: 4 December 2023
  4. Acceptance Notification: 4 December 2023
  5. Early Bird Deadline: 1 November 2023


The 1st International Conference of Postgraduates 2023
 (InCoP 2023)

Dec 2023

You are invited to submit ABSTRACT & FULL PAPER(S).


The 1st International Conference of Postgraduates 2023
(InCoP 2023)

Universiti Islam Pahang Sultan Ahmad Shah, Pahang, Malaysia

Dec 2023

Organized by
Graduate Management Centre

Universiti Islam Pahang Sultan Ahmad Shah

The 1st International Conference of Postgraduates, organized by Graduate Management Centre of Universiti Islam Pahang Sultan Ahmad Shah (UnIPSAS) is a distinguished global academic event with the theme "Elevating Higher Education through Postgraduate Research." This theme underscores the conference's central objective of advancing and enhancing the realm of higher education through the invaluable contributions of postgraduate research. In this virtual conference, we welcome postgraduate students from all disciplines and backgrounds to convene, showcase innovative research, engage in insightful discussions on emerging trends, and cultivate vital networks with peers and seasoned experts. The online format ensures accessibility for a diverse global audience, fostering a collaborative exchange of ideas and experiences that transcends geographical boundaries. With a rich tapestry of sub-themes, including interdisciplinary research, pioneering methodologies, research ethics, digital transformation, sustainable development, and career development, the conference offers a comprehensive exploration of the multifaceted postgraduate research landscape, catering to the diverse interests and expertise of postgraduates across disciplines. Join us on this intellectual journey where we are committed to "Elevating Higher Education through Postgraduate Research," a mission that underscores our dedication to nurturing research excellence and advancing knowledge in the dynamic landscape of contemporary academia.

Conference Sub-themes

•    Islamic Studies
•    Communication
•    Education
•    Linguistic
•    Literature
•    Economy
•    Information Technology
•    Psychology
•    Business & Management Studies
•    Health
•    Society


Journal of Islamic, Social, Economics and Development (indexed by MyCite)
Jurnal Al-Sirat (indexed by MyJurnal)
Journal of Management Scholarship (indexed by MyJurnal)
UnIPSAS Conference & Proceedings

Notes: Submitted and presented articles will undergo a thorough review process by reviewers. After the comprehensive review of all submitted articles, the committee members will carefully determine which articles will be submitted to the selected journal and which will be included in the proceedings for publication. The decision is final, and the specific publication dates will be determined at the discretion of the respective journal's editor.  Authors will be informed separately about any necessary improvements based on comments from the reviewers.


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Secretariat InCoP 2023 Universiti Islam Pahang Sultan Ahmad Shah (UnIPSAS)
Km 8, Jalan Gambang     
25150 Kuantan Pahang Darul Makmur MALAYSIA