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Important Dates (GMT +8:00)

  1. Abstract Deadline: 28 August 2023
  2. Full Paper Deadline: 4 September 2023
  3. Presentation Link Deadline: 5 September 2023
  4. Early Bird Deadline: 10 August 2023


This invitation and call for full paper are addressed to all participants. The abstract(s) & full paper should be submitted before the deadline.

* minimum references are 15 (80% from published work)
* empirical paper
* follow format of full paper - in Microsoft Word format
* presenter only

Participants also have the option to register as Presenter (OVP). Participants do not need to attend the conference. Just submit to us your 10-15 minutes pre-recorded video presentation and slides. The video will be posted in our official Global Academic Excellence YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY0GQiQ5qY0kDT1VooKLrLw) on 2nd day of conference. The URL to the video will be provided to all authors of the presentation videos. The video also will be posted on official Global Academic Excellence Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/GAExcellence/). Authors are encouraged to check their video and respond to any questions posted in their respective video comment section. Please download the Video Presentation Guidelines from the conference website for more information


This invitation and call for full paper are addressed to all participants. The abstract(s) & full paper should be submitted before the deadline.



* minimum references are 15 (80% from published work)

* minimum 6 pages and maximum 15 pages

* empirical paper

* follow format of full paper - in Microsoft Word format

* presenter only

* submit one month before conference date



Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, we provide solution to participant to join our conference through "Online Video Presentation (OVP)". It can help participant to present their paper without attending the conference. Participant can get the instruction to upload video and guideline for OVP at the ‘Download’ section.  For Online Video Presentation (OVP) example, you may visit our channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY0GQiQ5qY0kDT1VooKLrLw. Please subscribed our channel to get notification of latest presentation and information from us!



You are eligible for a discounted rate on the registration fee if you are a group of 3 presenter or more with different paper. If your group comprises of more than 10 papers, please contact (+60108428094) for a higher percentage on the discount rate.

The 6th Langkawi International Multidisciplinary Conference 2023 (6th LIMC 2023) organized by Global Academic Excellence (M) Sdn Bhd (GAE) will be held on 9th – 10th September 2023 at Langkawi, Malaysia. This conference provides a platform for academicians, researchers, professionals, intellectuals, practitioners and scholars from various fields and disciplines to debate and discuss the current issues worldwide as well as finding solutions to the problems, exchange and share knowledge and information, establish business or research relationships and find global partners for future collaboration.

Theme and Sub-theme:

Papers may address, but not restricted to, the main theme from any of the sub-themes as mentioned below. Unlisted but related sub-topics are also acceptable.

Social Sciences & Humanities
(Social Policy and Criminology | Social Psychology |Philosophy and Psychological | Humanities | Human Demography and Geography | Sociology | Anthropology | Archaeology | Social Works and Wellbeing | Public Intellectual | Environmental Planning and Management | Development |Tourism and Hospitality | Economic, Management and Business | SMEs and Entrepreneurships | Negotiations and Marketing | Corporate Governance | Financial Planning and Accounting | Islamic Business | Halal Ecosystem and Islamic Management Practice | Muamalat | Social Insurances | Non-profit Organizations | Syariah | Law and Public Policy | Political and International Relations |Political Sciences | Sciences and Technology Studies | Sustainability Research and Policy | Women and Gender Studies | Media and Communications | Cultural and Heritage | Creative Industry, Art and Design | Modern Trends in Social Sciences | Education | Literacy and Languages)

Information System & Technology Management (IT Applications |IS Reserach Innovation | IS Planning | IS Design and Development | IS Policy |Big Data Applications | IS IR 4.0 | Knowledge Management Systems | Conceptual Modelling | Computer- Aided Systems Engineering | Competitiveness and cooperation | Knowledge assets | Sourcing, technology transfer/licensing | Strategic planning, technology management/policies | R&D and design management | Multinational corporations, innovation, new technology, IT | International technology management policy and strategy | Technology monitoring, audit, evaluation | Technology relations/trends, esp. in Far East, South Pacific, emerging markets

Engineering (Applied Mechanics & Design |Thermo-fluids | Materials Engineering | Manufacturing Engineering | Industrial engineering | Aeronautics Engineering | Automotive Engineering | Ocean Engineering | Nano-engineering | Nuclear Engineering | Petroleum Engineering | Energy Engineering | Biological Engineering | Building Services Engineering | Agricultural Engineering | Applied Engineering | Acoustical Engineering | Vehicle Engineering | Computer Engineering | Electronic Engineering | Optical Engineering | Power Engineering | Water Resources Engineering | Environmental Engineering | Geotechnical Engineering | Structural Engineering | Transport Engineering | Biomolecular Engineering | Materials Engineering | Molecular Engineering | Process Engineering)

Applied Sciences (Applied Behavioural Science | Applied Biology | Applied Chemistry | Applied Ecology| Applied Economics| Applied Engineering | Applied Genetics | Applied Geography | Applied Linguistics | Applied Mathematics | Applied Mechanics | Applied Philosophy | Applied Physics | Applied Physiology | Applied Psychology | Applied Sociology)


•    Bahasa Malaysia
•    English


  1. International Journal of Law, Government and Communication (IJLGC) elSSN: 0128 -1763 (MYCITE)
  2. Journal of Tourism, Hospitality and Environment Management (JTHEM) elSSN: 0128-178X (MYCITE)
  3. Journal of Information System and Technology Management (JISTM) elSSN: 0128-1666 (MYCITE)
  4. International Journal of Education, Psychology and Counseling (IJEPC) elSSN: 0128-164X (MYCITE)
  5. International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Management Practices (IJEMP) – elSSN: 2600 (MYCITE)
  6. International Journal of Modern Education (IJMOE) – eISSN: 2637-0905 (MYCITE)
  7. Advanced International Journal of Business, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (AIJBES) – eISSN: 2682-8545 (MYCITE)
  8. International Journal of Innovation and Industrial Revolution (IJIREV) – eISSN: 2637-0972 (MYCITE)
  9. Journal of Advanced Research Design - ISSN: 2289-7984 (MYCITE)
  10. Journal of Advanced Research in Materials Science – ISSN: 2289-7992 (MYCITE)
  11. Journal of Advanced Research in Computing and Applications – ISSN: 2462-1927 (MYCITE)
  12. Advanced Research in Business and Management Studies – ISSN: 2462-1935 (MYCITE)
  13. Advanced Research in Social and Behavioural Sciences – ISSN: 2462-1951 (MYCITE)
  14. Progress in Energy and Environment – ISSN: 2600-7662 (MYCITE)
  15. International Journal of Humanities, Philosophy and Language (IJHPL) eISSN: 2600-8270
  16. International Journal of Heritage, Art and Multimedia (IJHAM) elSSN: 2600-8262
  17. International Journal of Modern Trends in Social Sciences (IJMTSS) – elSSN: 2600-8777
  18. International Journal of Politics, Public Policy and Social Works (IJPPSW) - eISSN: 2637-0980
  19. International Journal of Creative Industries (IJCREI) – eISSN:2637-0913
  20. Advanced International Journal of Banking, Accounting and Finance (AIJBAF) – eISSN: 2682-8537
  21. International Journal of Supply Chain, Operation Management and Logistics (IJSCOL) – eISSN: 2682-8685
  22. International Research Journal of Shariah, Muamalat and Islam (IRJSMI) – eISSN: 2682-8553
  23. International Journal of Halal Ecosystem and Management Practices (IJHEMP) - eISSN: 2716-5854
  24. Journal of Advanced in Vehicle System – ISSN: 2550-2212

*Note: All publication is subject to correction from authors based on comment of reviewer/editorial board before the papers are published.


The list of journals as follows:
•    Journal of Advanced Research in Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Sciences - ISSN: 2289-7879
•    CFD Letters - ISSN: 2180-1363
•    Journal of Advanced Research in Applied Mechanics - ISSN: 2289-7895
•    Journal of Advanced Research in Applied Sciences and Engineering Technology - 2462-1943

*Note: You can email us if you interested to publish in SCOPUS INDEX JOURNAL

Registration and Submission

a. Registration and submission of Full Paper must be done electronically through the online submission system.
•    Click on the "Registration" menu to create ConfBay Account and proceed for conference registration by logging in the system.
•    Click on "Online Submission" menu to submit your abstract(s) / full paper.

b. Abstract and Full Paper Format - Strictly follow the template which can be downloaded at "Download menu"

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