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Important Dates (GMT +8:00)

  1. Full Paper Deadline: 30 April 2023
  2. Acceptance Notification: 20 May 2023
  3. Camera-ready Paper Deadline: 31 May 2023
  4. Payment Deadline: 16 June 2023



The 5th International Symposium on Intelligent Manufacturing and Mechatronics (SIMM2023) will bring together leading researchers, engineers and scientists in the domain of interest from around the world. You are invited to submit paper online at SIMM2023.

The 5th International Symposium on Intelligent Manufacturing and Mechatronics (SIMM2023)

12th July 2023, 

Virtual Platform

Conference Website: https://simm.unimap.edu.my/


5th International Symposium on Intelligent Manufacturing and Mechatronics (SIMM2023) is the fifth symposium that organized by Faculty of Mechanical Engineering & Technology (FMET), UniMAP. This symposium was established with collaboration of three different Malaysian Technical University Network (MTUN) universities which are UMP, UTeM and UniMAP. The first symposium was oganized by UMP (2018), followed by UTeM (2019), UniMAP (2020), and UTeM (2021). More than 200 articles from this symposium have so far been successfully published in the SCOPUS-indexed proceedings book "Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering."

The aim of this symposium is to create a platform for researchers to present their research work especially postgraduate students and researchers from Intelligent Manufacturing and Mechatronics field. This is in line with the needs of technology transformation readiness. Furthermore, this platform can be untilized for idea sharing, brainstorming and peer to peer coorporation. Additionally, this symposium serves as a single hub for discussion among researchers and to foster cooperation between Malaysian institution.

This year symposium with "Toward Empowering Technological Transformation" theme will offer combination of several tracks such as Intelligent  Manufacturing, Machining Technology, Instrumentation & Control System, Mechanical & Design, Material & Processing, Industrial Engineering, Modelling & Simulation,and Mechatronics & Robotics.


Vice Director (Planning & Cooperation)
Universitas Indo Global Mandiri
Palembang, Sumatera Selatan

Engineering and Operation Support Director
Aerospace Composites Malaysia Sdn Bhd,
Bukit Kayu Hitam, Kedah


Potential papers are solicited in but are not limited to the following topics:

1. Intelligent Manufacturing
•    Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things
•    Manufacturing and simulation
•    Flexible manufacturing systems
•    Intelligent control system
•    Computer integrated manufacturing system
•    Advanced control and Optimization Technology
•    Applications of AI Techniques in Design and Manufacturing
•    New Sensing Technology
•    Advanced Manufacturing Production Mode
•    Virtual Manufacturing and Network Manufacturing
•    Industrial robots and automatic production line
•    Additive Manufacturing
•    Augmented Reality
•    Autonomous Robots
•    Cyber-Physical Production Systems
•    Cyber-Security and Data Protection
•    Digital Twin-Driven Smart Manufacturing
•    Smart Manufacturing Systems, Smart Factories
•    Smart Production
•    Machine Learning for Manufacturing

2. Machining Technology
•    Micro-Machining
•    Automation Engineering Processes
•    Flexible Manufacturing Technology & System
•    Precision Manufacturing & Measurement
•    Precision Manufacturing Technology
•    Machining and forging technology
•    Tribology
•    Theory and Application of Friction and Wear
•    Materials Machining
•    Waste-to-Energy, Waste Management and Waste Disposal
•    Metal alloys design & foundry technology
•    Welding and joining technology

3. Instrumentation & Control System
•    Automatic control
•    Control theory
•    Fuzzy logic
•    Neural Network
•    Expert system
•    Adaptive control
•    Self-organizing control
•    Self-learning control
•    Intelligent control system
•    Application of intelligent control technology
•    Automation

4. Mechanical & Design
•    Mechanical control and Machine design
•    Mechanical manufacturing technology
•    Fully integrated automation
•    Machinery manufacturing automation
•    Precision mechanics, mechatronics
•    Mechanical Manufacturing and automation
•    Mechanics of Applied-Statics and Dynamics
•    Mechanical-electronic engineering
•    Mechanical power engineering
•    Mechanical Technologies  
•    Dynamics of Mechanical Systems  
•    Material shaping and controlling engineering
•    Fracture Mechanics and Fatigue
•    Machinery Dynamics
•    Finite element analysis
•    Noise and Vibration analysis
•    Structural mechanics
•    Impact mechanics and thermodynamics
•    Thermal Engineering Theory and Applications
•    Hybrid Products, Multidisciplinary Product Development

5. Material & Processing
•    Materials Science and Engineering
•    Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology
•    Energy Materials
•    Composite & Ceramic Materials
•    Polymer Science and Technology
•    Composite Materials
•    Surface Science and Engineering
•    Smart Materials And Applications
•    Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology
•    Casting & Powder Metallurgy
•    Welding, Sintering, Heat Treatment
•    Thin & Thick Coatings
•    Surface Treatment, Machining
•    Behavior and application of advanced materials
•    Surface Engineering/Coatings

6. Industrial Engineering
•    Manufacturing System Control
•    Design manufacturing
•    Sensoring and Inference for Manufacturing
•    Automation and robotics
•    Artificial intelligence for manufacturing
•    Additive manufacturing and process
•    Logistics Engineering and Management
•    Work Space Design and Equipment Management
•    Production and Operation Management
•    Product Lifecycle Management
•    Safety, Security and Risk Management
•    Operational research applications in manufacturing
•    Workflow Technologies and Applications
•    Quality systems and management
•    Manufacturing Process Optimization
•    Manufacturing ergonomics
•    Supply chain management
•    Sustainability and green manufacturing
•    Lean manufacturing
•    Production Planning and Control
•    Flexible and Agile Manufacturing Systems
•    Quality Monitoring and Control of the Manufacturing Process

7. Modelling & Simulation
•    Modeling Simulation and Optimization
•    Digital Twin
•    Sensors & IOT
•    Computer Visio
•    Industrial Robotic
•    Virtual Engineering
•    Virtual manufacturing
•    Analytical and computational modelling

8. Mechatronics & Robotics
•    Mobile robots, robot factory, rehabilitation robotics
•    Intelligent mechanism, parallel mechanism in machine tools
•    Automated navigation, navigation algorithm
•    Sensors design and application
•    Computer vision and recognition
•    Automation and Robotics
•    Human Factors & Human Machine Interaction
•    Robotics Structures and Applications
•    Robot sensors and actuators
•    Robot control and Autonomous Vehicles


The highlight of this conference is that all peer-reviewed and accepted papers will be published in "Lecture Note in Mechanical Engineering” has indexed by Scopus. Selected papers will be published in several potential Scopus Journals:
•    Journal of Advanced Research in Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Sciences
•    CFD Letters
•    Jurnal Tribologi
•    Journal of Mechanical Engineering

Registration and Submission

a. Registration and submission of Full Paper must be done electronically through the online submission system.

b. Submission Template / Format - Strictly follow the template which can be downloaded at "Download Menu"

Organized By:

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering & Technology (FMET),
Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP),

In Collaboration With